Superb fireworks displays for special occasions!
Superb fireworks displays for special occasions!
We will work with you to determine the suitability of your venue for fireworks, to obtain the necessary permits, and to plan your display.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do I need?
The kind and size of fireworks used depends on the available space. At least 200 feet from the audience and occupied buildings is required for aerial shells, but effects such as lancework, fountains, and wheels can be used in a smaller venue.

How do I get a permit?
Permits are granted by local authorities: the town, city, or village officials. The permit must be granted to the customer, but we will help you with the application process, provide the necessary forms, and work with the local officials.

How do I get insurance?
New York State requires insurance in order to receive a permit. As part of the permit process, we will provide you with a certificate of insurance.

How much will it cost?
Fireworks displays start at $2000., including insurance. Prices include site inspection, state and local permits, setup and display conducted by professional fireworks technicians, and general liability insurance covering the display sponsor and the venue.

How do I get started?
Call Proximity Pyrotechnics at 607-589-6879 to discuss your date, venue, favorite fireworks, colors, and ideas.

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