Superb fireworks displays for special occasions!
Superb fireworks displays for special occasions!

Fireworks Displays

State-of-the-art products and equipment

We use the very best products available and state-of-the-art equipment to provide a safe and spectacular display.
Traditional hand-fired displays

This is a fireworks display fired in the traditional way by the pyrotechnicians lighting the fuses. Timing is controlled by the pyrotechnicians exercising their professional judgement. This type of display would work for any budget.

Electrically fired displays

Using electrical firing systems to fire the effects allows greater control over the timing of the display and allows firing of displays from space-restricted venues, as the pyrotechnicians do not need to be directly beside the fireworks.

Choreographed displays

Taking full advantage of the pinpoint timing allowed by electrical firing, displays can be synchronized to music. This is rarely seen outside of major urban displays, but will leave the audience talking about the display for a long time.
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